Wifi to be rolled out in the London Underground

Published on: 29th March, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

London Underground

London Underground Map

Its just over 1 year until the beginning of the London Olympics 2012. In order to improve internet connectivity BT are rolling out 120 Wifi spots in the London Underground. The wifi will not work in the tunnels but many platforms will be covered allowing tourists to access the web ideal if you wish to use mapping software like Google Maps on your phone. This means more traditional ways of passing the time whilst travelling across London will be replaced with texting and tweeting like in many other cities with metros. Yet there are many wider issues concerning internet security that are still to be debated when it comes to funding the Wifi on the tube; not least that of the internet surfers themselves and their devices that may be under threat from eavesdropping software. This isn’t the first news of tech hitting the underground for the Olympics, in February Huawei a large telecommunications firm from China offered to install a Mobile Network costing around £55 million for free in the Underground as part of a gift from one host to another. However this troubled many MPs who suggested allowing a Chinese firm to have control over such a critical wireless infrastructure is dangerous.

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