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Published on: 1st February, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

We Want You!Cloud Bite has been operating for just over a year now and we want to expand! Our motto is adding small bites to a big cloud and  to add more bites the team needs to grow. At the moment the blog is ran pretty much solely by myself and as much as I try with lots of other commitments I can’t carry the cloud alone anymore (like what I did there?). If you like the sound of joining us and helping to make Cloud Bite bigger and better for 2011 then read on…

Ok so who do we need?

Firstly and mainly we are looking for someone who can write a weekly news segment for us. This will follow the same sort of posts that the Weekly Tech Bite (see an example here) did. It’s simply a round up of the main tech news that has happened that week along with a round up of the Posts that have appeared on Cloud Bite! Also if the person wishes they will be able to write news of major events when they happen. So if Apple have announced a brand new product, or something else big has hit the tech world then it would be great to write that the day it happens and sum it up in the Weekly Tech Bite.

What we don’t want though is someone who heads over to them other tech news blogs and simple does a copy and paste. The idea of Cloud Bite was to give you, our readers information in a more personal way so we want someone who can write with their personality injected into it!

So, What we need from You…

  • We want a writer who can give up a couple of hours of their time (or however long it takes to write the Tech Bite) each week.
  • We want a writer with a personality not a robot who just churns out other peoples news!
  • We need your dedication, if you think you can spare time but aren’t sure or will have to quit in a few weeks/months time then this is not really what I’m looking for.
  • We need someone who has the passion like we do to make Cloud Bite Bigger and better. We have a great foundation now it’s time to build on it!

What you will get from us…

  • We will support you as much as possible as you write for us.
  • We are happy to take a look at your ideas for the future.
  • We will give you a trial if your not too sure it will suit you.
  • A platform to share your writing skills and your passion for technology!

What next…

Firstly please don’t apply if you are expecting to get any sort of payment. Cloud Bite doesn’t make much money at all, and anything it does make gets put straight back into the site and usually the running costs.

If your still interested though that’s great, drop me an email to info @ cloudbite.co.uk (remove spaces) and we can take it from there.

If you have your own blog or have written tech posts before be sure to mention them! If your new to all this don’t worry we all have to start somewhere.

There isn’t a closing date for applications until I update this post but I will give it a little time to give everyone a chance and if you don’t wish to do the above but would like to help another way be sure to get in touch!

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