TomTom iPhone and iPod Car Kit Unboxing

Published on: 28th December, 2010 by Mark Haynes

TomTom Car Kit for iPhone and iPodIt can be really annoying when you get lost. Travelling to somewhere think you know the way and either the roads changed, there are road works with diversions, or maybe your just not a great navigator! Also why is you find you could just do with satnav when you haven’t brought it with you. I always leave my trusty old TomTom at home unless I expect to need to use it so that it isn’t stolen when left in the car and its far too bulky to carry around. If only we had one device that could do everything. Then again can’t the iPhone? It can make phone calls (some would question that :P), it can browse the web, take photos, video, and navigate us with one of the many apps from the app store! But for some navigation isn’t quite as good as it could be!One of the problems trying to get everything packed into such a small device is that there has to be compromise. The iPhone therefore has a rather underpowered GPS chip that relies more on the data connection to work out your location accurately. Therefore for navigation the iPhone just can’t keep up when our driving around. In order to solve this problem TomTom designed the Car Kit. What this does is houses a GPS Chip much more powerful than the iPhone one and therefore makes navigation work as it should. Its also a great holder for the iPhone too!


There will be a full review of the TomTom Car Kit shortly subscribe to our YouTube Channel for an instant update!

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