Review: Soundwave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker

Published on: 13th July, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Travelling can be a great experience. Seeing the wonders of the world can be be both exciting and emotional at the same time and anyone who has the opportunity to travel should latch onto the chance like holding a new born baby. However there are, as with everything great, downsides. You can really miss those comforts we all expect at home. One is the ability to blast out our music at full volume and have a good dance! The introduction of portable music players allowed us to take our favourite tracks practically anywhere we wanted, but we still lacked the ability to blast out our tunes, I mean who really can walk around with their Hi-Fi or speaker system? Well I have had the opportunity of reviewing the Soundwave SW50 Bluetooth Speaker that can let you play those tunes anywhere without the need of headphones!


The Soundwave SW50 features an integrated rechargeable (via USB) battery allowing you to play music for hours without stopping. Its built in speaker produces an acceptable sound and it even manages to replicate the bass and trebles rather well for such a small device. Another great feature is the ability to use the built in Microphone as a hands free kit for your mobile phone!


The Soundwave SW50 is packaged in a sleek compact shell and available in glossy black or pure white. The rich red speaker at the top adds a splash of colour without loosing the stylish sleek design. The main benefit of the small device its is lightweight and easy to carry around charging from any USB port or adapter.

Soundwave SW50

Soundwave SW50


Amazingly this small device really does pack a punch with its rather good sound quality you can easily hear every lyric and drum solo without any issue. Don’t get me wrong you wont be using it to provide entertainment at “Daves Mobile Disco” (Royle Family Reference) but it is great as a travel speaker or just to sit on your desk for the handsfree functions.

Handsfree Feature

We often here about handsfree when looking for technology so the coppers don’t come and fine you for using your phone or for safety but this device is great to sit on your desk in the office. If your a person who likes to multitask but finds your holding the phone half of the time this is a great little device to save you having to do that. The handsfree function works pretty well, once you can get signal (thanks O2) (downtime reference).


Available soon!

Cloud Bite 4 Cloud RewardOverall

Overall this is a great little device sure its no Jawbone Jambox but its still a great sounding device and would be a great addition to any traveller or office worker. We therefore award the Soundwave SW50 4 clouds.

Thanks to Mobile Fun for providing the review sample. You can get this speaker from them for just £19.99



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