Review: Razer Carcharias Headset 2013

Published on: 2nd June, 2013 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Razer Carcharias ReviewAny gamer knows to be the best you need the best sound. The ability to hear footsteps, the ability to hear explosions the ability to hear the troll saying “I’m behind you” in the faintest whisper. Therefore Razer have produced the Razer Charcharias and now they have newly updated them I thought it was time Cloud Bite took a look! Built for the XBox 360 and PC gamers, this should be a interesting test!



The design of the headset is typical of Razer’s style, glossy black with sleek lines and a beautiful grill meshed effect on the ear cups. The design looks great on the head of any gamer and the glowing Razer symbol finishes the design brilliantly.

Razer Carcharias

Razer Carcharias


Build Quality:

This is a tricky one, while the Razer Carcharias doesn’t feel as solid as something like the Corsair HS1, the headset is much lighter and feels incredibly comfy on your head. The soft padding on the headband and ear cups are wonderfully soft making hours of gaming a pleasure rather than a headache. So if your the sort of gamer who wants to put a headset on and forget it is there, this is for you. If you prefer the more solid feeling look elsewhere!

Sound Quality:

The sound quality is impressive. In the tests the Headset was paired with and Asus Xonar DGX. The soundcard features a headphone amp and Dolby surround and paired with the Razer Carcharias, wow. The sound from the 40mm drivers was stunning. Great clarity in the highs and a nice thumping bass which is fully adjustable on the fly with the inline remote. The quietest of footprints could be heard to the loudest of explosions in full rich detail.

Microphone Quality:

The microphone was the biggest let down for me. The clarity wasn’t perfect with the noise filtering struggling to filter out the background hum of the computer. For communicating with friends though the headset is fine, just watch out if you want to become the next YouTube star.


It was a shame Razer removed the braided cable from the previous version, clearly a cost cutting exercise, but the new inline remote is great. It features the ability to control the volume of the game and team mates too. It also allows you to adjust the bass on the fly which is a great little feature along with the ability to mute the microphone.


Overall: Cloud Bite 4 Cloud Reward

The Razer Carcharias is a great headset packing a great punch. It’s let down by it’s microphone but the lightweight comfy feel makes up for this.


  • 40mm drivers pack a punch and sound great.
  • Lightweight and comfy for hours of gaming.


  • Poor Microphone.

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