Review: Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013

Published on: 21st June, 2013 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate  2013The Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013, with it’s mechanical touch, backlit keys, pass-through USB and built in audio extension, this keyboard is sure to be a beast gamers are fighting for.


The BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 is built to last and is the heaviest keyboard I have ever used, so think twice before taking this with you to the lan party. But if you, like me, are a home gamer, silently sneaking up on an enemy target and taking him out with a 9mm silenced pistol and drinking a cocktail of Rum and Coke at the same time, then the weight of this fearsome beast won’t bother you one bit. Although it’s heavy Razer have made this keyboard look incredibly sleek and it feels built to last. Available in typical Razer Black, the keys utilise the Razer Font we have all come to expect.


Gamers expect more and more each year from gaming keyboards and the BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 has a lot to offer. If you think this is just a keyboard with Mechanical features then your wrong this keyboard is so much more, let me explain.

Mechanical Keys

So years ago all keyboards, well typewriters at least were mechanical. Then the manufacturers introduced the silicone stuff we are used to today. Why? Well it’s cheaper to produce for one and also they said it would reduce the sound so you could get much quieter keyboards. That was true to a certain extent so why are we back to Mechanical Keys then? What’s the advantage? Well, mechanical keys offer a much faster response time and better tactility. You see having a mechanical mechanism means the keys need just a light touch to activate. Meaning you don’t have to fully press down on the key to activate it. If you don’t think this would save time when running around in Battlefield 3 or changing stance quickly in DayZ then, your no pro gamer! These valuable 10ths of seconds add up and could prevent you from becoming a bandits next victim and a zombies next meal!

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013

Macro Keys

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Macro Keys are, brilliant! They allow you to assign several commands or inputs to just one key. Ok you want an example. Lets say I’m playing the brilliant MMO that is World of Warcraft, any game will work though. So on key 1 I have a fireball of doom, key 2 a blaze of death, and key 3 a burn of hell, (yeh cool names I made up eh?). Anyway I could make a Macro that lets click one of the 5 dedicated Macro keys and click it just once and it would fire all 3 spells after one another. Cool eh? Or maybe I’m in Arma 3. I have a reload key that is assigned to R. But I could do with informing my squad when I’m reloading. So I could make a macro so when I clicked R it now reloads me but also sends a message in chat, saying “Reloading”. Macros are great because they are only limited by your imagination and the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate is designed to help you create macros with it’s on the fly creator. No software needed you can just make a macro on the fly. Also with 10 profiles to switch between you can save many macros for many games.

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013

Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013

Backlit Keys

Any night gamer will know having backlit keys can be incredibly useful. Sure you may be a pro touch typist but how often have you found it hard to quickly see and use those uncommon keys. Things like page up and down, scroll lock, the F keys or maybe the num pad. You may be a wizard at typing letters but games often take advantage of all the keys on a keyboard so having a back-light is great. The back-light on this keyboard is brilliant too, probably second best only to the Razer Anansi which had multiple colours. The BlackWidow Ultimate features a really striking green backlight with no poorly lit keys or bleed. Every key is lit perfectly and even the gap around the keys are lit perfectly too.

USB Passthrough and Audio

The BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 also offers a pass through USB connection. This is great for plugging in your mouse, maybe a USB memory stick or a even a USB Fan. It’s pass-through ability means it has no effect on the keyboard at all as it basically has a separate USB connection for it therefore not hampering the speed of the keyboard in anyway. Also the keyboard offers 3.5mm jack connections for a microphone and headphones / headset. It doesn’t act as a sound card like the Logitech G110 but does allow you easy connectivity to your sound card with no fiddling around the back of your PC. If you want to extend the reach of your headset, this is a great way to do it and paired with the Razer Carcharias Headset 2013 then you have an unstoppable force!

The Logitech G930 is Awarded with 4.5 CloudsOverall

Overall the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate 2013 is a fantastic Mechanical keyboard designed for the pro gamers. It’s mechanical features, on the fly macro creation superb backlit keys and extra USB and Audio features make this keyboard a fantastic performer. At around £150 it’s a pricey keyboard but if your after the best mechanical keyboard then this is the one to get. Finally, keep your eyes pealed, Razer also offer the Black Widow 2013 aka BlackWidow Expert 2013, these appear to be closely the same to the ultimate but do not have the back light!


  • Great Backlight
  • On the fly Macro Creation
  • USB and Audio Passthrough
  • Fast, responsive Mechanical Keys


  • Price
  • Weight

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