Review: Razer Arctosa – Black Edition

Published on: 27th March, 2013 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Razer Arctosa Black Edition

The Razer Arctosa Black Edition, a keyboard with attitude, a keyboard with a sleek design, a keyboard for pro gamers but does it live up to expectation, does it have the ability to compete with the very capable Razer Anansi? Let’s find out!


Designed with pro gamers in mind the Arctosa Keyboard is well built and looks like it’s ready for business. Razer have a history of creating beautifully designed, solid built keyboards with gamers at the heart of the design. The Arctosa is sleek, lightweight, and looks fantastic. Now, you wouldn’t be wrong for looking at the black edition and thinking “Where are the printed keys?”. Well they are there, subtley, in black to maintain the asthetic look and feel of a pro gamers keyboard. If your a gamer who knows where every key is, has every key mapped out or finds playing strategies or raiding in Azeroth with a mouse for the noobs, then your the sort of gamer to love this. If though you would rather have printed keys that you can see check out the silver edition with the same great black look, but with gorgeous black keys.


The Arctosa has less features than many of the keyboards I have reviewed, but it features the most important ones and at just £30-40 for a gaming keyboard, Razer have provided the best for a great price.

Anti Ghosting WASD Cluster

Ever had a problem where you hit a couple of keys on your keyboard and your character stutters around like hes turned into an robot in need of oiling? It might just be because your keyboard doesn’t have anti-ghosting, a feature that allows simultaneous pressing of several keys at once with full recognition. The keys around the WASD cluster all feature anti-ghosting so click away and you will have great response.

Ultra Fast Response

Gold plated USB 2.0 connection give the Razer the edge, providing 1000hz response you would be hard pressed to find any lag in this keyboard. So if your a wizard wielding spell after spell, a warrior delivering crushing blows every second or the ultimate strategy commander don’t worry about the Arctosa keyboard not keeping up. The question is, can you keep up with it?

Macro Keys

Macros give you the ability to run multiple commands from a single click of a key so if you want to apply all your “buffs” in WoW, or change equipment in Black Ops 2 you can with a simple key. Macros are great and with this keyboard you can use the software to edit each key, create profiles and much more and apply them to which ever key you wish the choice is yours.


Along with the above, you also get Media keys, Volume, Play, Pause, Next, Previous, you know the sort of thing that allows you to control your favourite metal music as you crush your enemies . Oh and don’t worry about being in the thick of the action to be thrown out by accidentally hitting the dreaded windows key, the software will stop that for you! A detachable wrist rest is great for those of you who want to put your new tool in your backpack on the way to the next LAN party too!


Cloud Bite 4 Cloud RewardOverall:

Overall the Razer Arctosa – Black Edition is a great keyboard with the pro gamer in mind. If your someone who doesn’t need to look at the keys, someones whos focus is purely on the gameplay then this, my friend, is the keyboard for you! If you want the great Arctosa features but need to see those keys check out the silver edition, you wont be disappointed. For a price of £30-£40 I can highly recommend the Arctosa as a great keyboard for the gamer at heart!

Thanks to Razer for Sending this out!


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