Review: Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard

Published on: 11th March, 2013 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Razer Anansi Review

Razer Anansi Review

Razer make some great gaming products so it was great when Razer contacted me to check out a product of theirs, the Razer Anansi MMO Gaming Keyboard. If your a gamer looking to get the edge above the rest or you want to support your team mates in a battle against the badass on your server, then this might just be the keyboard for you, so let’s find out!


The Razer Anansi is really well built. Using solid plastics to maintain great aesthetics while keeping costs down the Anansi is a beautifully designed keyboard built to last against the toughest of battles in hours and hours of gaming. The buttons feel comfortable to use and are really responsive too and the wrist rest is just the right size too.


The Anansi has many features for the MMO gamer and actually any gamer. Lets get this out of the way straight away, while Razer are targeting the MMO gamer by providing hundreds of programable gaming keys if your not an MMO gamer you can still take advantages of the features of this keyboard.

Macro Keys

Macros give you the ability to run multiple commands from a single click of a key so if you want to apply all your “buffs” in WoW, or change equipment in Minecraft you can with a simple key. Macros are great and with this keyboard you can either use the software to edit each key, create profiles and much more or you can create the Macros on the fly with built in recording.

Backlit Keys

Backlit keys are becoming more and more common on gaming keyboards. It’s well known gamers love to play in the dark and finding which key to press can be a chore. The last thing you want to do is let down your guild mates and then having the embarrssing task of explaining it was because you couldnt see your keyboard keys right? Well that’s a thing of the past now. The problem is many keyboards have limited colours to choose from. Some stay at just one colour with a couple of brightness options. Others have a few more but are usually limited to small spectrum i.e. Red and Blue meaning you can create the colours Red, Blue, Pink and Purple, hardly a huge choice. This is where the Anansi shines, it has 16 million colours. No thats not a typo, 16 million colours to choose from which is a huge spectrum. Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Orange… you know pretty much every colour we can see! You can pick from three different brighting settings too!


Along with the above, you also get Media keys, Volume, Play, Pause, Next, Previous, you know the sort of thing. You also get a couple of other buttons, one that will let you put your computer to sleep, a key that is often missing from modern Keyboards and a key to disable the Windows Key so no more accidental switching out of a game to the Windows Desktop.


Cloud Bite 4 Cloud RewardOverall:

Overall this is a great keyboard, it’s not the most feature packed we have seen but the backlit is the best one yet. The colours and the backlight brightness are great! MMO Gamers will love all the programable Keys and Normal Gamers can also take advantage too!

Thanks to Razer for Sending this out!


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