Review: Logitech G9x (MW3 Edition)

Published on: 30th March, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

logitech-laser-mouse-g9x-feature-imageI have been gaming for many years now, always wanting to get that edge. The “edge” being the advantage that you can gain over other gamers if you have the right setup, attitude and some skill. I can’t really help you with the latter two but setup I definitely can. I’m a PC gamer; I don’t play on consoles. In-fact, I bought a PS3 to see what the console hype was about and haven’t used it for gaming since Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (which I got bored of)! So I know what it is like to game on a PC and the best tools for the job. Luckily for me I also run Cloud Bite so I get to play with some nice stuff and share my experience with you! This time Logitech hooked me up with the G9x mouse (MW3 Edition). Being Logitech’s premium gaming mouse I expected a lot, and it delivered!

G9x vs G9x MW 3 Edition

The model I have been reviewing is the MW3 edition however, other than branding and possibly a mouse mat the G9X is pretty much the same.

Build Quality and Precision

Like myself Logitech know what gamers want! They built the mouse with precision and comfort in mind. The G9x has a rather low profile but has a great spread meaning optimum comfort. Build quality is second to none and has a solid feel giving you complete control over every shot. The mouse has a smooth finish that’s comfortable to hold over long periods. “But a smooth mouse doesn’t always give precision” I hear you say. Okay , well what if you could change the grip to a textured one to give that ultimate precision? Done! Logitech lets you pick a smooth grip or a textured grip to give that precision in gaming you need, cool eh?

DPI and Profiles

Something that we have seen in many gaming mice is “DPI”. The ability to quickly slow down the mouse for sniping headshots and speeding back up for full rush spray and spray is what can give you the best edge in the game. Logitech have taken it a step further though. They have given you the ability to change the DPI from the horizontal and vertical axis separately providing you with the ultimate precision. Profiles stored directly on the mouse also mean you no longer need to install software and reconfigure every time you swap PC. So if you’re off to a Lan party, gaming at a friends or just moving from the desktop to laptop you can store 5 profiles directly on the mouse providing a true plug and play solution.  Profiles and DPI are also indicated by the built in LED on the top of the mouse so there’s no wondering what profile your on and switching between them is as simple as clicking 2 buttons.


Logitech have designed this mouse to be as light as possible which is great but what about those of us who want something heavier, something we can feel, something that digs down into the mouse mat? Well you can add weights to this mouse. Eight weights are provided, 4x 7g weights and 4x 4g weights. You can insert up to four of the weights into the mouse in any configuration you can think of meaning you can have anything from light to heavy it’s up to you!

Middle Mouse Button Extras

Thats not all Logitech also includes a feature I have never seen in another mouse. You know how when you scroll on your mouse it either goes in little “notches” or “clicks” or your mouse has smooth scrolling meaning no clicks at all? Well, there is a benefit for both. The clicks are great for gaming as they give you the precision you need for weapon changes, knifing etc, but the smooth scrolling is great for web surfing. If only a mouse could do both. You know what’s coming… The G9X can! A little button on the bottom of the mouse allows you to swap from smooth scrolling to “clicky” scrolling really easily allowing you to use the mouse exactly how you want to.

Anything Else?

Of course! The cord is braided to ensure it never gets tangled which is brilliant and the MW3 Edition also comes with a MW3 mouse mat! What more could you want?

Video Review

OverallThis Scores a Amazing 5 Clouds out of 5!

Overall this is a fantastic mouse, in fact it’s the best mouse I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing. Sadly my time with it has come to an end and I must return it to Logitech, how will I ever go back to my old warn out mouse? I wont be! I snapped up this mouse on the Logitech Website! I couldn’t face going back to my old one. I therefore give this mouse a fantastic 5/5 clouds! I’m so impressed! Great work Logitech.

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