Review: Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset

Published on: 2nd June, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Cloud Bite G930 ReviewI have reviewed several headsets now. Headsets from £20 to £70, headsets with 2.1 and 5.1, over the head design and behind the head design but I have never reviewed a headset with which is wireless and has 7.1 surround sound. Wireless is one of those features many of us would love to use but it always has flaws to it. Whether it is lack of sound quality, horrid interference, or just poor battery life, using wireless means you always have to compromise on something. Will the Logitech G930 Wireless Headset have any of these flaws or has Logitech managed to create a great wireless package with little compromise? Lets Find Out…
Any regular reader of Cloud Bite’s reviews will know we don’t simply write a paragraph of text and give you a 2 minute video that quickly covers some points but misses out on detail, we want to try and give you all the information we possibly can so we break the review down into a couple of sections. Firstly we will look at the Build Quality and Design of the headset. We will then look at the Audio Quality and the Microphone Quality. For this headset we will look at the Wireless Aspects and then any extra features like software and G-Keys! Remember at the bottom of this post is our video review if you want a hands on look at the headset!

Build Quality and DesignBuild Quality 5 Clouds out of 5!

Logitech have clearly thought long and hard about the design of this headset. It’s clear they wanted to pack all the usual features of a headset and some more along the way, and trying to do all this and maintain a comfortable design is definitely a challenge. However Logitech have taken this challenge and clearly succeeded in providing the gamer with fantastic functionality and great comfort. The Logitech G930 is really well designed with memory foam cushions on the headband and ear pads that will form perfectly to your head to give you the best feel when gaming.  The headset is made from strong plastic, meaning they are sturdy without compromising on weight. After several hours of using this headset I felt no pains or discomfort and to my surprise my ears, even though fully enclosed, didn’t get too hot either! The microphone flicks up out of the way until the time when you need to use it, and then can be positioned perfectly to your needs.

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Sound QualitySound Quality 5 Clouds out of 5!

Packing 7.1 Surround sound in such a small space is difficult but again, Logitech manage to achieve this brilliantly. Not just for gaming but movies sound rich and vibrant with each sound clearly being able to be heard. I often  use headsets that are great until many sounds are all played at once, like in an action scene or a FPS, where they loose quality and sound more like garbled noise. The Logitech G930s don’t suffer from this though and every gun shot, every laser, every spell from Harry’s wand clearly heard even with all the commotion around. 5.1 or 7.1 can you tell the difference? Not always as often many games and Movies are only encoded using 5.1 but when they are encoded in full 7.1 you do feel you get an all around sound. Also with the brilliantly designed ear pads all sound around you is isolated allowing you to feel your standing right in the scene, just as the designers wanted.

Microphone QualityMicrophone Quality 3 and a Half Clouds

This is the only area of the headset that lacked a little quality for me. It’s such a shame also as it’s the only part of the headset that stops it getting our first ever 5 Clouds Badge! I have tried many microphones over the years and this isn’t the worse just sadly it isn’t the best. The far cheaper Logitech G330 sounds a little clearer to me however I believe that this is more of a software issue than the headset. The reason I say this is the sound through the microphone sounds a little electronic, rather like it is being over processed, likely due to the noise cancellation feature of the headset. It has great noise cancellation it didn’t pick up any humming at all from the computer or other noises around at the time but maybe it is a little too good and this is causing the voice to sound somewhat processed. Is this a major problem? No, unless you want to record Vocals for your forthcoming album then the microphone is fine and very clear for instructing team-mates there is someone behind them!

WirelessWireless 5 Clouds out of 5!

So as I stated in the introduction, wireless technology is great but there is always some compromise so what is it with the Logitech G930? Honestly, nothing! No hissing, no drop outs, no interference, great sound quality a huge range (Logitech say 12 metres my tests went further) and a 10 hour battery life! I was looking forward to trying the wireless out as I wanted to see if improvements had been made since an old pair of Sony Wireless headphones were so awful I used them once and never went back. Well it has! I couldn’t fault the Logitech Wireless Headset G930 at all. For those times you may run out of juice you can plug them in to charge using the 2.5 metre cable and still use the headset at the same time! It quickly charges to with just 30mins of charging giving you a couple of hours gaming! Great I say! So if you have had a 10 hour gaming session and you have just been called up to raid the latest boss in the new WoW patch, just plug the headphones into the charging station and carry on gaming, so you dont have to worry about not being able to show up to that raid ever again!

Any Extras? Extras for the G930 get 4 Clouds

Of course! The Logitech G930 Wireless Headset also features 3 G-Keys on the side of the headset that you can assign to programs and macros. I used them to change, pause and play tracks in iTunes but they can be used in games as well! Use one as your push to talk key and you will look like a member of the CIA, or just assign some funny quote to spam macro to your friends, ill leave it to your imagination! Along with G-Keys are a mute microphone button which is indicated by the little red light on the end of the mic when muted, brilliant feature if your ever in Teamspeak and Mum shouts up to ask have you got clean pants on, not that that has ever happened to me of course.  Finally there is some great software that allows you to tweak lots of settings, I recommend watching my review video to see that in action, along with some odd voices!

Video Review

As always we have done a video review for you looking at all the features mentioned above!

OverallThe Logitech G930 is Awarded with 4.5 Clouds

Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant! Need I say more? I loved using this headset and it was so hard to part with it when my 2 week loan from Logitech was up. I felt like I was packing up my new best friend we had come so close, enjoyed some great moments together like a nuke on MW2, a creeper attack in Minecraft, and the arrival of Voldemort in Harry Potter. It seems mad to make such an emotional attachment to a headset, but it was just so good!

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  1. KoulisHHH says:

    Does it support Xbox 360 game audio or chat?

  2. Mark Haynes says:

    Hiya, No it only supports the PC. Have a look at the Logitech F450!

  3. Great article, exactly what the gaming world needs, keep up the great work!

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