Review: Logitech G105 MW3 Keyboard

Published on: 1st April, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

“Alright soldier, I want you to run this obstacle course in under 20 seconds! You need to run over to that gate, shoot down the targets drop to prone and go through that tunnel, stand back up climb over the 30ft wall drop to the other side shoot 6 more targets crouch under the bollard, and climb over the next then run back to me…. GO!” This is what you may hear when you start up some of the latest games. Game devs do these sorts of things to let you practice the controls as well as creating a challenge shared with the gaming community. For something like this you need ultra-fast responses, and quicker finger action than a 150 word per minute typist! You also need one more thing, a damn good keyboard! Designed for combat, the Logitech G105 MW3 Edition claims it’s ready for every situation and is kitted out with the latest and greatest features. Let’s see if it lives up to it’s name as your number 1 “sidearm” or will you be throwing it to the dogs?

Build Quality

As with every Logitech keyboard I have had the pleasure of using, the G105 maintains a standard of build quality a gamer expects from a gaming keyboard. Each keypress has brilliant tactile feedback and is ready for the next key press a split second later. The cool black finish with WASD and Arrow Key grey highlights provides instant recognition should you ever lose track of your hand location. The build quality is second to none and you can feel this  keyboard is not going to let you down in the heat of battle.


Not only is the keyboard packed with the usual goodies of media controls and the famous Windows Lock out key, but the keyboard also features a striking green backlight ideal for midnight gamers who battle on throughout the night. This has to be the best backlight I have seen on a keyboard. Every key is perfectly lit, none are brighter than the other, none are partially lit and they are fitting with the MW3 theme, the green is rich in colour and bright enough for the darkest of nights!

Other features include Logitech’s brilliant G-key system. G-Keys allow you to record functions either through software or on the fly meaning you can fully customise 6 buttons with 3 different profiles each, meaning a total of 18 fully customisable functions. Unleash the power of the Macro editor software enabling you to assign pretty much anything you can input from the keyboard. Whether its messages regarding enemy flanking manoeuvres or warnings of bombs defusing, one click buttons save you down-time and speed up efficiency and game play.

Video Review

Want the full low-down? Check out our full video review!


Overall what a fantastic keyboard. Featuring the Call of Duty Logo you expect one of the best, if not the best experiences and teamed with Logitech that is what you get! If I had to name a fault all I would say is the lack of wrist rest is a shame. I’m not sure why Logitech failed to include this with the keyboard. So that is where it loses a cloud score for me. If you are someone who needs a wrist rest check out our review of the Logitech G110, the bigger brother of this keyboard.


  • Great Tactile feedback
  • Fantastic Backlight
  • 6 GKeys allowing up to 18 custom functions


  • No wrist rest

Cloud Bite awards the Logitech G105 MW3 Edition Keyboard 4 clouds out of 5 making it one of the best gaming keyboards! Check out the MW3 Mouse Review here (It’s brilliant).

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