Review: iPad 2 Logic 3 Leather Stand Case

Published on: 10th May, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

There’s only so many times I can open a review of case telling you why you should protect your new wonderful, but delicate device from dust, dirt and drops. The fact that your even reading this probably indicates your looking for a way to protect your new iPad 2. So less introduction lets get into the review.

From a case you want 3 main features, firstly Protection this is the most important, secondly usability, a case with little usability of your device is useless, and finally extra functionality. So can the Logic 3 iPad 2 Leather Case hit 3 features.


Protection is one of if not the most important aspects of a case. Why add a case that covers up the beautiful elegant design of the iPad if it adds absolutely nothing. The Logic 3 Case adds a hefty amount of protection to the iPad. Its soft leather feels great in the hand but also offers great absorption of shocks from drops. The leather is attached to strong board meaning it wont bend easily and keeps the case in a solid shape. The case offers full coverage protection including the screen and only the required ports like the headphone jack, camera, and lock button are uncovered.


Some cases cover up way too much of the device. The Logic 3, as just mentioned, gives you access to every port, button and switch and a quick open of the magnetic front flap provides access to the screen. Magnets are cool aren’t they. The logic 3 features a magnetic flip front flap that keeps the iPad locked in the case, and unlike button flaps magnets provide a quick open and closed access to the iPad which is great!


We all love a little extra and its great when designers have thought of something extra to add to their product. The logic 3 case gives you a stand for your iPad, ideal for typing up notes or drawing.

Video Review:

The Corsair HS1 is Awarded with 4.5 CloudsSo overall the Logic 3 Leather Case is one of the best iPad 2 Accessories that we have reviewed. Its professional style and design looks great for any professional and would be a fantastic accessory for any iPad 2 user. Therefore the Logtic 3 iPad Leather Case receives a 4.5 cloud rating.

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