Review: iBallz for the iPad and Kindle and Others!

Published on: 18th April, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Cloud Bite Reviews iBallzIn the past we have reviewed many cases designed to protect your precious gadgets. Theres a lot of cases out there and it takes something completely ingenious to stand out in this saturated market. Well the iBallz team have managed just that! There unique design puts them solely in their own category and streaks ahead of the boring old case manufacturers. What’s so special about the iBallz? Well lets find out…

What are iBallz?

Well let me tell you. iBallz are 4 EVA Balls attached together with a cord. You place a ball on each of the 4 corners of your device, be it the iPad, Kindle, Motorola Zoom and others, then you pull the cord nice and tight and thats pretty much it!

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Ok so now my Device has the Balls but what now?

If you have ever dropped your device you will know how about that sudden rush of fear you feel. Hopefully it was protected when you dropped it, well drop it with the iBallz on and you should be safe! The 4 soft shock-absorbing balls will absorb the impact of a drop of your device and their unique design means your device should never come in contact with the ground no matter how you drop it! Not only are they great for drops but also for spills. The amount of times I have knocked over a glass of Pepsi Max on my desk while, working, (gaming), is too many to count and every time I have to quickly rescue my gadgets. With iBallz there is no worry as they cleverly raise the device off the surface so any liquid spills will just be able to slide right underneath and never touch the device, clever eh?

Nice so drops sorted, spills sorted anything else?

Glad you asked! Remove one of the iBallz and put it in the centre of your device and you instantly get an angled device ideal for drawing on or typing using the virtual keyboard. Another great feature is with the cord you can actually hang your iBallz pretty much anywhere so if you want it hanging on a door, wall you can which is great for storage and gives a unique way of viewing the device. Finally when gaming they are great. Why? Well they give you a different and in my opinion a much better way of holding the device giving you greater comfort over longer periods and also additional control. In racing games you feel like your actually holding a wheel now!

I love it can I get one?

Of course you can our friends over a MobileFun sent us this and you can pick up your own along with lots of iPad 2 Accessories and other great stuff like this!

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