Review: Griffin Powerdock Dual

Published on: 13th June, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Anyone with an iPad is likely to own a iPod or iPhone too. Have you ever wanted an easy place to store and charge both at once without having to have multiple wires lying around creating mess? Well the folks at Griffin wanted somewhere to store their iPads and iPhones too and therefore come up with the Powerdock Dual.

Designed perfectly for all iPads, all iPhones and iPods with the the standard Apple Dock connector, the Powerdock dual charges your devices perfectly, adjusting the power for each device (10w for iPads 5w for iPod/iPhones). Its sold stand keeps your devices safe while charging and it even allows you to store your keys, wallet for some coins in making this a great accessory for any office, hall way or bedroom.


Griffin Powerdock Dual

Griffin Powerdock Dual

Griffin have created the dock to look perfect in any room the glossy black effect looks a high grade and Griffin have cleverly thought too make the tray matte in order to prevent scratches from coins and keys.


OverallThis Product is rated 4 Clouds

Overall I award the Griffin Powerdock Dual with 4/5 clouds for anyone with both an iPad and either an iPhone or iPod this is essential kit and will keep your devices both safe and secure while charging them up ready for the next day! You can get this great iPhone/iPod and iPad dock from Mobile Fun who kindly sent this for review!

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