Review: Gear 4 iPhone 5 IceBox Edge Case

Published on: 24th March, 2013 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Gear 4 IceBox for iPhone 5More and more people are finding their smart phone is becoming the centre of their lives. It’s the device that lets us communicate, the device that can provide us with information we didn’t know we needed, the device that navigates us, the device that entertains us. Our mobile phones are a huge part of our lives. Long gone are the days when the latest and greatest phone could be bought for £150 off contract and was made of some of the most robust materials resembling a tank. Glass, on a phone, ha no chance! Screens were usually made of plastic, shells were made of plastic, buttons you got it, plastic! 

Those days are over we now are lucky to get the latest and greatest for sub £500 and glass along with metals that can easily scratch (cough, iPhone 5, cough) are the norm. So maybe we should cover these devices that rule our lives up, protect them, like we would a small child from the cold weather. But all that money you have paid, surely you want to be able to see your beautiful device right? I mean all them hours Jony Ive (Cool Apple Guy) and his team spent crafting you a phone that is truly draw dropping gorgeous the last thing we want is to hide it away. Well, thats where Gear 4 come in!

Gear 4 IceBox for iPhone 5

Gear 4 IceBox for iPhone 5

Gear 4, a huge name in mobile accessories have created the IceBox Edge Case. A case designed to protect your precious iPhone 5 well still showing off it’s beauty in all it’s glory. On first glance you would be forgiven for thinking this was a bumper case but if you look closely you can see there is a transparant plastic backing allowing you to see the beauty of the iPhone whilst protecting it at the same time.

The Case feels great to hold too, the rubber bumper gives great drop protection whilst feeling great in the hand. It also adds a little lay on the table design to protecting the screen when you place the phone down.

The best part for me about the case is the bottom. The cut outs are great, they protect the phone really well while maintaining functionality.

Cloud Bite 4 Cloud RewardOverall the Gear 4 Icebox case is fantastic. For the person who wants to protect their shiny iPhone 5 whilst admiring its design the IceBox iPhone 5 case is perfect. The only downside I foresee is the back could get scratched overtime however at a great price of under £15 you can’t go wrong.


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