Review: Capdase 180A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag

Published on: 26th September, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

We all love spending our hard earned cash on the latest and greatest gadgets but when it comes to protecting them too often we spend little money in a bag or case that falls apart before you have even used it or we don’t bother protecting them at all! Cameras are great aren’t they? They let us capture those precious moments in our life, allow us to share our views with friends, family and even the world and can help us remember the great times during the sad times. Therefore our camera can be rather precious to us. The last thing we want to do is go on a trip of a lifetime to find upon arrival the one thing that will help us remember our journey in years to come is now broken, damaged and can no longer do what we bought it to do! Then don’t be a fool, put it in a bag and make it a good bag. Maybe I can help… got in touch as they know I love taking photos, who doesn’t right? They said pick a bag and test it out so that is exactly what I did! I chose the Capdase 180A MKeeper SLR Camera Bag priced around £20. I wanted to see would a relatively inexpensive bag keep my couple of hundred pound camera and lens safe. Let’s find out…


One thing that camera bags can often be is big black boring bulky things so that is one reason I chose to review the CapDase. It’s grey/silver finish, compact style and soft exterior looked great for my adventuring. I wanted something lightweight yet strong too and it is just that. The bag comes with a shoulder strap plus a little handle on the top that is padded, which is great for carrying it around and provides you with multiple ways of carrying according to your needs at the time.


Capdase 180A

Capdase 180A Interior

As mentioned previously the bag comes with both a carry handle and a shoulder strap. It also features inside and outside compartment pockets which is great for storing extra memory cards and maybe a filter or two. But what shocked me about the little zipper pocket on the back was it wasn’t empty! Oh no, it houses the little rain cover! Yes, this small £20 bag also has a built in cover that allows you to protect it from the elements keeping the wet out and the dry in. So many camera bags seem to be designed for places it never seems to rain well this bag realises that any photographer can get caught out in the rain and this way your camera and lens are perfectly safe.

Inside you will find a flexible dividing panel too. This will allow you to adjust the interior to your needs depending what your putting inside the bag. So if you want to use it to store your lenses put the divider in and it will make sure neither ever come into contact… neat eh?

Cloud Bite 4 Cloud RewardOverall

Overall for any photographer from beginner to pro, who want’s to make sure their equipment stays safe I can recommend the Capdase Case. It’s great for fitting two average size lenses or a camera body (Canon 550D size) and lens. There are larger camera cases available too so make sure you check it out.

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