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Published on: 4th March, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Prepare for iPad 2With the iPad 2 Launch just around the corner, in-fact mark your calendars for Friday 25th March for the UK and the 11th March for US, we thought we would put together a guide in how to prepare for the iPad 2. We have a collection of links and articles here designed to help you get started and be prepared for when you get your hands on one of the brand new iPads! So lets get started…

Protection Protection Protection

The last thing you want to do is damage your brand new device! Apple this year, as last year, have created a very “smart” cover for the iPad 2 called the “Smart Cover”! Its a piece of brilliant engineering but is a little costly. The case is designed to protect the front screen only of the iPad as Apple didn’t want to cover up the beauty of the iPad. Which is great but for those who dont want to pay those sort of prices, want better protection, or just a different style, then there are many iPad 2 Cases available and are sure to be more coming out soon.

Fingers are Great, but a Stylus is even better!

As a user of iPad 1 since release I must say I love it. Its brilliant use of touch makes using apps a dream. However I have found some apps that really need that little more control. Apps like scetchpad, Note taker etc. Its difficult to write and draw with a finger but simple with a Pen. Therefore I recommend getting hold of a stylus. Last year for iPad 1 we reviewed the Dagi Stylus and found it a great little stylus for use with the iPad. So definitely check out our review of the Dagi.

iPad is Magical, iPad is, Photo Viewing Heaven!

The iPad is great for those who love to view photos. It makes a great digital photo-frame but is also a brilliant piece of technology for photographers. Grouped with the iPad Camera Connection Kit you can quickly import Photos straight off your camera using USB or the SD Card, and view them on the iPad while out in the field and without the need to sync. If your unsure exactly how your pictures are coming out the iPad is a great way to check! Check out our review of the iPad Camera Connection Kit!

Anybody want HDMI Output?

Something all iPad 1 users wanted was to be able to output content from the iPad to a HD TV or projector including video and apps! Well now you can just get hold of the HDMI connection kit and you can view everything on iPad on a huge screen!

So there you go, our preparation guide is complete! Just one Last thing, remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel, we often do reviews of iPad accessories, and iPad Apps which we think you will love!

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