Review: Plantronics GameCom 367

Published on: 3rd March, 2010 by Mark Haynes

Plantronics GameCom Headset

Plantronics GameCom Headset

The other day my SpeedLink Headset died. The ear-buds worked fine but the mic, had bitten the dust! As someone who uses TeamSpeak as a way to chat to friends more than for gaming a headset is essential and when I saw the Plantronics GameCom Headset for £18.99 from my local computer shop, I thought lets go get them and this time I remembered to do an unboxing video for you!

Unboxing / Sound Test

Check out the Unboxing Below…

Sound Quality

Ok so the sound quality is fairly good I have heard better but also have heard worse! The sound I believe does lack a little on the bass side and I have heard clearer  but overall for under £20 you cant expect the best! The over the ear design helps lock out a lot of exterior noise as well which is great but if your not used to this style you may find them a little odd at first.

Mic Quality

The Mic quality is ok again not brilliant but I think that is partially due to the fact that the noise cancelling on the mic isn’t great and it easily pics up the “hum” of my computer. Also the mic sits a couple of inches away from my mouth so it seems to be a little quieter than my old Speedlink that sat right in front of my mouth. But, you decide! Towards the end of my Unboxing video I have linked the mic up to the PC and you can have a listen!

Build Quality

The Build Quality isn’t  bad at all. It doesn’t feel really cheap but it isn’t an expensive feeling either. It does feel like the headset is built to with-stain some punishment but not a lot. For under £20 you aren’t really going to get much better.

Cloud Bite 4 Cloud RewardOverall

Well so far I can’t make much of a judgement I have only used the headset for about a day but will update this post with any developments. If there is no update assume all is well!

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2 responses to “Review: Plantronics GameCom 367”

  1. Catherine A. McClarey says:

    I’ve used this headset for several months to record narration for my Let’s Play videos for YouTube. Agreed as to the mediocre noise cancellation; my teen daughter can do co-commentary by just sitting close to me, and the TV in the next room often can be heard on recordings as well. Comfortable, though, and one can’t beat the price (approx. US$25.00

  2. Well I searched for the article title and discovered this, great

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