New YouTube Layout Resembles Google +

Published on: 13th October, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

YouTube has been rolling out a new layout that resembles Google +. It seems the designers at YouTube don’t know what to do with the layout of the worlds most popular video sharing website. It has had so many design changes this year it’s hard to keep up. The latest layout resembles Google +, Google’s answer to Facebook. With avatars appearing next to comments and a larger emphasis on sharing content it seems Google is looking to integrate YouTube and Google + closer. Google’s had a poor history with social media with Buzz and Wave being “the next big thing” but turning into the next big fail. Google + is their latest attempt but it’s struggling to keep up with the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Maybe Google is thinking this redesign will help.

New YouTube Home Page

New YouTube Home Page when logged in.

One noticeable  and very frustrating feature, is the new homepage feed. Rather like the “highlights” option did previously, this new “stream” shows everything from what people are liking, favouring, recommending and finally it shows your subscriptions. The problem with this feature is there is no way to turn it off. Therefore it can be almost impossible to see new videos from people your subscribed to at times.

New YouTube Video Page

New YouTube Video Page

The new Video Page shows other videos within the playlist the video you are viewing next to it. The comments section now shows avatars of the people who are commenting and as you can see, the title, subscribe button and video creator information is all located underneath the video now.

What do you think of this new layout?

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