New MacBook Pros with ThunderBolt Technology

Published on: 24th February, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

MacBook Pro With ThunderBolt Today Apple released upgraded Macbook Pros with Intel Thunderbolt Technology. Details and even photos of the Macbooks were leaked early so it wasn’t much of a surprise but hey, its from Apple so we love any¬†announcement¬†right? The new Macs feature Sandy Bridge Processors, AMD Graphics and new Thunderbolt technology.

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Yeh, Thunderbolt is a new connection that allows transfer rates of 10GBPS 5 more than the long awaited USB3! Also the port is smaller and Intel say it will not only be for things like Thub Drives, External Drives, printers etc but also has a high enough bandwidth for HDTV, and ideal for transfering video files. The technology can transfer 10-20GB HD Video files in just 30 seconds! Also the technology can be used to replace internal pcie and sata ports!

AMD Graphics!

Goodbye Nvidia! Apple have chosen to go with AMD for their graphics offering up to 3x more power than the previous generation.
Sandy-Bridge CPU!

Sandy Bridge is the latest CPU range from Intel and they are quick! Infact Apple states up to 2x faster than previous Macbook Pros!

For full specs check out Apple’s Macbook Tech Page.

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