New iPod Touch and iPod Nano Announced!

Published on: 12th September, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

So it was the event many had been longing for and it didn’t fail to impress. Many of the rumours were spot on and Apple has a great lineup ready for the Christmas Season. You can pre-order from the 14th September. So lets have a look into these new iPod Touches and iPod Nanos shall we!

iPod Touch

The New iPod Touch

The New iPod Touch (5th Gen)


Colours! Yes the new iPod Touch comes in colours other than Black and White. Blue Pink and a “greeny” yellow as seen below have been added.

Following on from the new design of the iPhone 5 the iPod Touch will also have the 4″ widescreen retina display. Great for playing games, viewing cover art, reading lyrics, viewing photos and checking out the latest videos and movies the new 4″ screen is beautiful.

The iPod Touch comes in at just 88grams and 6.1mm thick that is impossibly thin. Also the iPod Touch now comes in new colours, pink, blue, greeny-yellow white and black.

The back of the iPod Touch has a small button that pops out allowing you to attach a wrist strap. Ideal for those who want to secure there iPod Touch when taking pictures or playing games.

Hardware Improvements

With that great 4″ screen comes the retina crisp display. You can view everything now with 40% better saturation making colours look more vibrant than ever. Also Apple has thrown in the A5 Processor! While not the newest A6 CPU, the A5 is an improvement over the previous gen iPod touch boasting 7x better graphical performance. Finally a 5MP camera and 720p facetime camera have been thrown in to capture every great moment!

iOS 6

Built into the iPod Touches is of course iOS6. The same OS that runs the iPad and iPhone, is built right into the iPod touch and boasts many features. From Safari for Web Browsing to Music and video to the game center to manage your gaming. The iPod Touch also, of course has full access to the App Store. See our guide to iOS 6 for more details.


You can get the iPod Touch in both 32GB and 64GB variants along with the colours mentioned previously.

iPod Nano

New iPod Nanos

New iPod Nanos


The iPod Nano was once a thing of beauty. When Steve Jobs first showed of this small device it was amazing. It then got better with it’s multiple colours but lately the iPod Nano was turned into what seemed more like a testing ground for Apple. Well now its back. Its back to the beautiful design it once had. The longer body with its 2.5″ screen and even a home button make the Nano look a simple yet elegant device to own. Its slim too at just 5.4mm thick and weighing just 31 grams.  It features the new “lightning” dock connector, a sleep/wake button, volume and play/pause button too.
Coming in multiple colours the iPod Nano is stylish and a great accessory to anyone into fitness who wants something light attached to them to listen to music on the move.

Hardware Improvements

The Nano has a built in FM Radio so you can listen to favourite radio stations for up to 30 hours too with the built in rechargeable battery. You can watch video to for 3.5 hours and it takes just 1.5 hours to charge the battery to 80%. The nano features 16Gb of space to save your music collection and videos too!

iPod Nano VideoSoftware

Running what appears to be a slimmed down version of iOS the software allows you to access music video, podcasts, photos the FM radio and the Nike+ Fitness app really easily with the multitouch screen. You can’t add your own apps though to the iPod Nano!


The iPod Nano comes in several colours and is available in 16GB size only.



All new iPhones and iPods will get a set of EarPods. These are the newly designed earphones to take over from the current 3 year old design. Boasting better comfort and much improved sound the new EarPods are designed to give better Bass and better trebles. There has been much criticism of Apple’s previous headphones, just check the reviews on the Apple store, so lets hope these are much better!

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