iPhone 4S Out Today – Did you get one?

Published on: 14th October, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

iPhone 4sSo did you get one? We are sure you heard that the earth’s greatest gadget (some may question that), got released today. Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4S raised mix emotions, some loved it some were disappointed from the lack of iPhone 5. That’s why we don’t write up every rumour on Cloud Bite, we would hate to disappoint. Siri is likely to be the biggest attraction to the iPhone 4S as that’s pretty much the only “cool” feature that has been added, unless you love taking photos and 1080p video that is! Many were up early this morning queueing for the iPhone at Apple stores, O2 stores, infact any store that had them! Co-pilot wrote on twitter “These guys had been queueing for the iPhone 4S on Regent Street for 160 hours. ” Many sites have also popped up lately with screenshots of Siri in action and it has some pretty humorous replies to some, “interesting” questions. Head on over to Siri Says to have a laugh!

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So I ask again, did you get one if so which, why, and how! Were you queueing since 5am and what did you upgrade from, would be great to know!

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