iPad 3 (HD) Rumour List for today’s Apple Event!

Published on: 7th March, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Apple will be announcing the latest and greatest iPad at today’s event (along with a new Apple TV, possibly). Here we have broken down the rumours for the event to what you are likely to see today.

What Devices will be announced?

It’s pretty much 100% guarantee a new iPad will be announced based on many rumours plus the Apple Official invite sent out. Likely names for the iPad are the obvious iPad 3 however recent rumours suggest this next iPad would be more of an iPad 2s but called iPad HD. Also it’s been highly suggested we would see a brand new Apple TV (possibly iTV). Unlike before though when the Apple TV has been a box you add on to the TV this time it could be a whole new TV Set with Siri built in to control volume, channel changing etc.

What sort of Spec will the new iPad have?

  • Strong rumours indicate that the iPad will support a new much higher resolution display. Infact 4x the amount of pixels as before aka double the resolution of the current 1024×768 iPad. Likelihood – 90%
  • CPU Speed boost: Rumours for a while suggest the new iPad would support a new A6 Quad Core CPU. However these rumours have recently died down since a photo showing an A5X CPU was showing suggesting the iPad will have instead a faster Dual Core CPU rather than a new Quad Core. Likelihood – 80%

    Leaked Photo of the A5X CPU

  • Increased Ram: Its likely the iPad will see a Ram boost however there has been a lack of rumours regarding ram. 768mb? 1GB? Hopefully the iPad will feature at least 1GB but it’s Apple so who knows?
  • Increased Capacity: Some Rumours suggested there would be an iPad larger than the current 16GB, 32Gb 64GB available. However others contradicted saying Apple will actually drop the 64GB iPad. With the increase in cost of flash memory due to the Thai floods it’s unlikely we will see and increase in size however I’m sure the iPad 64GB will remain.
  • 8GB version or 8GB iPad 2: Some also suggested there may be a new smaller 8GB version aimed at academics for a lower cost. However with an increased resolution app sizes are going to grow, also iTunes U (education books) can be around 2GB in size meaning you couldn’t fit many on a small 8GB iPad. I doubt we would see an 8GB iPad. Likelihood – 10%
  • 4G – Some suggest the new iPad could support 4G. For those who don’t know 4G is the next version after 3G. 4G supports a much higher increase in speed for browsing and downloading content from the web. However it has some downfalls mainly battery life. 3G sucks alot of juice and 4G uses even more so until batteries increase in capacity it could seriously hit the iPad’s battery life if it included 4G. Also for people here in the UK 4G isn’t going to be supported widely (i.e. across the UK) until 2015, so the benefits of 4G here would be limited.
  • 8mp Camera – Rumours suggested the new iPad would have the same 8mp camera as found in the iPhone 4s however this is unlikely. Why? Because Apple doesn’t see many people using the iPad as a main camera, and would rather people get the iPhone for that. What is more likely is the camera will increase to support 1080p meaning it could acutally be around 2mp in size or more likely 3mp. This is a shame really as cameras are rather cheap now so including at least 5mp isn’t so crazy. Likelihood of 8mp camera – 10%
Will the iPad have Siri?
This is a great question. Some say yeh of course others say no it won’t. So why would Siri be included? Well people expect it for one. They expect for the iPad to have Siri as what usually happens technology introduced previously would be included on the newer device.
However why wouldn’t Apple include Siri? Well firstly Siri needs an internet connection, something that the iPhone has pretty much all the time. However the iPad doesn’t have a connection (unless you have the 3G one) when your out and about. So if Apple included it many people would find it annoying that they couldn’t use it without being connected to the internet all the time. Also as proof of this the iPod Touch was not updated to include Siri probably due to that limitation. Also Siri is designed to aid you to use a small device when walking around. People rarely walk around with the iPad and being a larger device it is much easier to use and therefore might not need Siri.
So all in all will Siri be included. I highly doubt it :- likelihood 20%.
Will the design of the iPad change?
There were many rumours regarding the next iPad design. However as the day of announcement has drawn closer it seem’s the iPad won’t look that much different other than being less than 1mm thicker (to support the newer display) and a more tapered edge. This video was released showing the front and back of the new iPad and compares it to iPad 2:
Will pricing change?
Rumours did suggest there could be a $70-$100 rise in the price of the iPad. This however would be very unlike Apple who often keep the prices very close to their originals. Hopefully we will see no increase. Likelyhood of increase 20%.


I’ts going to be a good night!

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