iOS 7.1 Hints at Touch ID for iPad and Siri for Apple TV

Published on: 25th April, 2014 by Mark Haynes

Is iPad getting Touch ID?

A French iOS developer has found hints within iOS code suggesting the next iPad will introduce Touch ID. Last year many wondered why the iPad was missing Touch ID, but in true Apple style the iPad looks to be catching up. Maybe the addition of Touch ID will be Apples main feature for the next iPad as the new redesign was last year.

The iOS Developer @bp_unicorn on Twitter announced he had found references to Touch ID with iOS 7. Apple has often left “rouge” code within iOS that has given hints to features upcoming.

Is Apple TV getting Siri?

Earlier this week hints were also found in iOS suggesting the next version of Apple TV will feature Siri. It’s been a while since Apple updated Apple TV, in fact it was March 2012 when the 3rd Generation of Apple TV was announced. The addition of Siri to Apple TV would be greatly received, much like the Xbox Voice Features in the latest console. Whether Siri would be initiated without the touch of a button we won’t know until it’s released, but it’s potentially great news.

So what do you think? Would either of these features make you want to buy one of these new Apple Products?

Source: Mac Rumors

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