iOS 4.3 Beta 1 Out!

Published on: 13th January, 2011 by Mark Haynes

iOS 4 LogoApple has released iOS 4.3 Beta 1 to Developers, just a day later than Verizon’s (US Carrier) announcement of it now carrying the device.  This version of iOS was expect before Christmas but who can ever guess what Apple are doing? Hopefully this version will fix the problems of many iPad users are experiencing with wifi (see Apples Forum!). 4.3 brings several new features however support for the iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2nd Gen has been removed sadly. Why this is could either be 4.3 features are only supported on later devices or Apple have just stopped support earlier than usual (usual stops on major release i.e. iOS 5.0. New Features found in 4.3 so far are…

Firstly Personal Hotspot has been introduced. This allows iPhone users to act as a hotspot allowing other devices to connect to it and use the devices internet connection. This feature has been available before using the the likes of the MyWi App but only available to Jailbreakers. One of the major questions is the iPhone currently allows tethering however Carriers charge extra for this if Apple enable this feature to everyone Im sure the carriers wont be happy so we shall have to wait and see! Andriod devices have had this feature for a while and not been charged any extra.

Secondly Apple have added Multitouch Gestures. Using 4 and five fingers can swipe through apps and make the multitasking bar appear. These features are only available for the iPad at the moment but it maybe Apple are finally trying to make things simpler to use!

Thirdly we pick what our switch does! iPad users will love this in iOS 4.2 Apple removed the ability to use the switch on the side of the iPad to lock the rotation of the screen and made this a silent switch moving screen rotation lock to the multitasking bar. Why on earth Apple did this when you just click the volume down button for 2 seconds which puts the iPad on silent anyway I don’t know, anyway it seems now you can decide which of the features it does, good!

Fourthly Airplay Support Improved by allowing developers to also stream their content using the airplay and not restricting it to just Apples Applications.

Finally Full Screen iAds have been introduced on the iPad and HTTP Live Streaming Stats for tracking how many viewers actually interact with the ads.

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