How to find your First Tweet

Published on: 20th March, 2014 by Mark Haynes

Stephen Fry's First Tweet

It’s 8 years ago today that Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass released Twitter to the world. I’m sure there is no way they would of thought in 8 years time Twitter would be a household name, used by Millions including famous celebrities and even big news sources like BBC and CNN.

Through it’s 140 character limit, people have shared thoughts, ideas, adventures and even  heartbreak. Twitter became not only a “Social Media” tool but a news outlet to many and has provided people to stay in touch and share photographs and even video around the world.

Twitter says:

In 2006, people began to say a little something on Twitter through 140-character bursts of plain text. Eight years later, our users have transformed Twitter into place where you can discover new ideas, make real human connections and express yourself freely. So as we mark our 8th birthday, we’d like to say thank you — to you. Twitter. 2014

The tool to find your first Tweet can be found here.

It’s simple to use just type in your Twitter Handle/Username, or anyones for that matter and it will show their first tweet.

Here is Cloud Bite’s…

and here is mine:


The Web address in that tweet no longer exists as that blog became the one your viewing today, cool eh?

So what was your #FirstTweet? Be sure to use the hashtag #FirstTweet!


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