Final iPhone Event Rumours

Published on: 12th September, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

We are now just a couple of hours away from the 2012 iPhone (5) event. There has been rumours flying around for months now with some contradicting others so this post is designed to give you an idea of what we are likely and unlikely to see.

Taller iPhone

iPhone 5 SGP Screen Protector

iPhone 5 SGP Screen Protector from Mobile Fun

It is almost certain the new iPhone will feature a taller screen. Earlier this week Mobile Fun informed us of an SGP iPhone 5 case that was in stock and designed for a much taller iPhone. Along with that there has also been leaked photos and even video showing a taller designed phone. The iPhone has in the past come under criticism for being small when there are much larger screened phones out there so this is a clear sign Apple is wanting to take on that market.

Smaller Dock Connector

Another almost certain change is the dock connector. The current Apple Dock Connector hasn’t really changed in style for years now and is, well, rather large. Most android phones for instance use the small Micro USB port while Apples current dock connector is over 3 times larger. It’s therefore highly likely with Apple chasing the title to get the slimmest phone, the doc connector will be much smaller. This has also appeared in leaked photos and prototypes so we can almost confirm a smaller dock connector.


Some people love the idea of NFC others not are not so bothered. To the folks who aren’t sure what on earth NFC is, it’s basically a way you can pay for goods with your phone. In the UK you can basically swipe your phone on certain enabled tills up-to, I believe £15. The fee will usually be charged to the mobile phone operator and can save you entering a pin number or even carrying around your wallet. Larger purchases can be made but require the entry of a pin number.


Based of the “New iPad” having 4G its likely we will see the new iPhone also with 4G. Whether or not it will work outside the US though is another matter. When the “New iPad” was announced with 4G Apple never informed users actually it only works in the US aka on select bands other than in the small print. Therefore many 4G networks across the world including the UK are not compatible with the 4G in the New iPad. Will this be the same in the iPhone no one is sure. What we do know is if it doesn’t work in other countries its likely Apple will be more foreword regarding this to save the lawsuits that they faced before.

Apple Event Today

Apple Event Invitation


iOS 6 is not really a rumour as it’s definitely coming but will there be another sneaky features added on to iOS 6 we are not too sure. Some rumours suggest a file system will be added to the iPhone. I personally think this is unlikely. File System? This is Apple!

iPad Mini/New iPods

We know an iPad mini is in the works, well we are almost certain but it’s unlikely it will be shown in today’s event. It’s more likely Apple will have a separate event, possibly next month that will introduce the new iPad Mini and updated or new iPod models ready in time for the Christmas shopping period. Announcing it today would probably get in the way of the iPhone launch.


We have now received an update that new iPods are likely to be alongside this event after links to pages have been found in Apples Search. iPod Nanos are looking to come in 11 colours while the iPod Classic is likely to be dropped.  

So thats what we think. What do you think and are you excited?


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