Decision Time iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s and competition time!

Published on: 23rd September, 2013 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c

Apple recently launched two new iPhones the expected upgrade the the iPhone 5, the 5s and the much rumoured iPhone 5c. Both have similar names but the big question is which one do you go for. Firstly, we must say, don’t think of the iPhone 5s as the premium bad ass phone designed to rule all others and the iPhone 5c as a cheap, poorly constructed, slow alternative. Ok well the former may be correct, the iPhone 5s is a powerful, secure “badass” phone but the iPhone 5c is far from it’s cheaper, less cool, slow little brother, let me explain why by breaking down the the main differences for you.



iPhone 5s

Anyone who has held an iPhone 5 knows exactly what to expect when holding an iPhone 5s, they are, design wise, exactly the same other than their colours, home button and a dual flash on the back of the 5s. The colours available are Gold, Silver and Space Grey. Some people love the new colours others, not so much but if you like to show off your gold teeth, gold sovereign ring and gold necklace or your C Lister trying to make it big then Gold might be just what your looking for. For us normal folk the silver and white or “Space Grey” and Black might be more our cup of tea!

iPhone 5c

We now move to the iPhone 5c it’s design is again similar to the iPhone 5 but most importantly drops metal! Yes, the iPhone 5c has a plastic back and sides. Now for those of us who had iPhone 3G or 3Gs’ will be thinking, really? But don’t worry the iPhone 5c is a far superior plastic. This is just Apple speak here the iPhone 5c does feel very well made with precision cuts and moulding to the shell. It doesn’t feel like a case that will easily break and has a almost soft feel to it. Also COLOURS! Yes for the first time the iPhone is now available in bright colours along with the traditional “professional” colours we are used to. The Yellow looks amazing with the black front, the lime green is very striking and my personal favourite, then you have a really nice vibrant blue along with a pink and a snooze fest white! Come on who wants white live a little right! Apple has clearly jumped at the chance to target a younger market with the iPhone 5c.

Future Proofing

iPhone 5s

iPhone 5s

I was going to name this section, power, speed, etc but then I thought no, let me explain why. The iPhone 5s is, yes, much quicker than the iPhone 5 or 5c. In fact some tests show twice as fast which when the iPhone 5 only a few days ago was one of the fastest phones on the market, is an amazing feat. But it feels like we are getting to the point now of so what? So what if it’s faster which in some ways is what Apple has said all along. We always see Android phones stating they are faster here, more megapixels there etc. Yeh ok but, so what? Without the software to take advantage of that speed then it feels like we are buying our Ferrari to be limited to 70mph roads. So I therefore name this segment, future proofing.

iPhone 5s

As mentioned above, the iPhone 5s is double the speed of the iPhone 5 in many cases but for now developers will continue to create apps that work just the same on the iPhone 5s as they do on the previous generation phones. So while speed is nice to have its more useful for the future. So if you are thinking of getting the iPhone 5s because of the speed it will give you then, think again. The majority if not all apps will still work, perfectly fine on the iPhone 5c / iPhone 5 at this point in time and probably for a few years to come. Forget about speed with the 5s concentrate more on the M7 chip! Now this little bad boy is exclusive, at the moment, to the iPhone 5s. What it does is runs some processes exclusively and doesn’t require the activation of the main CPU. It’s used to process the input sensors like the gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. The benefit? Well it uses far less power than the A7 chip meaning for those of you who like tracking a long run and calculating your fitness using the built in Nike Fuel system then you won’t have to have a break half way though just to charge the phone. It’s clearly an indication to what will be running Apples rumoured iWatch!

iPhone 5c

Ok so the iPhone 5c doesn’t have the speed of the iPhone 5s or the M7 co processor, but don’t let that put you off. Apple hasn’t decided to just slap in an old slow CPU to run this device, infact the iPhone 5c has all the same great power of the iPhone 5. The A6 chip is no slow CPU and the graphics are fantastic. Don’t forget up until a couple of days ago the iPhone 5 was Apples flagship device, it was the most powerful phone Apple had created capable of doing great things, if you made or ran the right apps! So don’t think just because a new guy is here you now have an old slow device, you don’t. Also if your not into the whole fitness apps sort of thing then the M7 processor may help battery life a little but really, your not missing out on much.


iPhone 5s

The camera in the 5s as with all the “s” updates has been improved. However it retains the same number of megapixels as the previous generation aka the one in the iPhone 5c. Apple tell us it has larger pixels not more of them which can improve quality by letting in more light, something any photographer will know is important. The iPhone 5s also adds a second flash with a slightly different colour to add a better tone to photographs taken with it. Finally the newer CPU allows for 120 frames per second 720p video recording. This allows you to create slo-mo effects in your videos and along with burst mode the update is rather nice especially for you  mobile photographers out there. Is it worth the premium? Only you can decide!

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c uses the same great camera from the iPhone 5. While it doesn’t feature the slo-mo or burst modes it can still take a fantastic photograph. The built in panorama feature is fantastic and you still get to use the same great filter effects along with recording video in 1080p. If your the kind of person who likes to take a good quality photo on your phone then the iPhone 5c has this covered!


iPhone 5s

You will of heard by now the iPhone 5s features a fingerprint scanner. This is great for added security and allows a user to quickly gain entry to their device or make purchases by simply tapping their finger on the home button. A passcode is used as a backup.

iPhone 5c

The iPhone 5c does lack the fingerprint scanner yes, however don’t let this put you off. You can still create a 4 digit passcode or even an more indepth one if you wish and Apples newest update to iOS, iOS 7 features activation upon restore. What this means is if your device gets restored as long as you use iCloud the password to the iCloud account will need to be entered before the phone can be used. This is great news and potentially could prevent many thefts of iPhones and other iOS 7 devices in the future. No longer will a thief just be able to wipe the device to gain access to it.


iPhone 5s

Apple has introduced a new case for the iPhone 5s. This leather design looks and feels great but it is a little pricey and there are some stunning cases on the market elsewhere so do have a look around.


iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c

Along with a 5s case Apple has also introduced a new case for the iPhone 5c. It’s full of holes on the back allowing you to see the colour of the phone through it. Again have a look around as you will probably find some better cases at better prices. Also you may want to pick up an extra iPhone 5c Charger due to the slightly less efficient cpu!


Value / Pricing

This section is very specific to the Cloud Bite UK readers. Pricing for the USA is very different than the UK and available pretty much anywhere.

Unlocked / Sim Free

iPhone 5s  –  16GB £549, 32GB £629, 64Gb £709

iPhone 5c – 16GB £469 & 32GB £549

These prices are from the Apple Store. There is a £80 price difference for the base models.


While the cost difference seems minimal when you look at the base prices of the devices some people will and do genuinely prefer the look and feel of the the iPhone 5c over the iPhone 5s especially for it’s colour choices. Anyone coming from an iPhone 4s or previous will love the iPhone 5c. It’s a great upgrade with a huge speedboost, better camera, taller screen overall a great buy. But if your an iPhone 5 user the 5c other than the plastic shell is no different at all and personally I would be looking toward the iPhone 5s, or just hold off for the iPhone 6 which would probably be a better choice for iPhone 5 users.

Want to win an iPhone 5c?

Mobile Fun are running a competition to win an iPhone 5c! We have worked with Mobile Fun for many years and they are the largest mobile phone accessory retailer in the UK! For your chance to win head over to Mobile Fun’s iPhone 5c Competition page! Good Luck!

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