Cloud Bite – Changes Over Time

Published on: 2nd April, 2014 by Mark Haynes

Cloud Bite has been around since 2009. It has always ran on the WordPress Framework and below you can see the history of the designs of the website. Originally the Site went by my name, Marks Blog  but sadly I cannot find any images of that site. For some of the images below I have had to use the WayBack Machine therefore the screenshots may show images / elements missing. The themes below are the main versions however in total there have been 8 versions of Cloud Bite / Marks Blog from the very start each with minor differences unless shown below. The Major versions have official names, Trotter, Fawlty, Potter and Mainwaring. The naming comes from my love of British Comedy and the surnames of major characters.

Cloud Bite (Mainwaring) – 2014 to Present

Cloud Bite 2014 Design


The 2014 version of the Cloud Bite theme, Mainwaring (George) was long overdue and is the first version that is fully responsive. It was also designed fully from the ground up utilising modern flat design while retaining the essence of the Cloud Bite feel. The older version also lacked focus, there were few articles on the homepage and much more clutter. Therefore it was a great opportunity to refine the design and now the homepage features 50 of the latest, Articles, News, Videos and Reviews as well as full access to the archives. The site runs on a shared server however images and other assets are now served via Amazon Cloud Front through CloudFlare.

Cloud Bite (Potter) – 2011 to early 2014

Cloud Bite 2011-2014

This version of Cloud Bite, Potter (Brian) was a major jump from the previous. It was the first full theme I had created from the ground up. I wanted the website to look less bloggy and more like a website with articles and other features like App Reviews and Headset reviews, which were something the site was reviewing more and more. A lot of more advanced WordPress queries were used in the creation of this version of the website.

Cloud Bite (Fawlty) – 2010 to 2011

Cloud Bite - 2010 to 2011This was the Cloud Bite theme from 2010-2011, there was also a Halloween and Christmas version over this period too. The Cloud Bite theme, Fawlty (Basil) was heavily based on the Mark’s Blog theme with obvious changes to include the Cloud Bite Branding. It was a much more blog style theme and acted often as my WordPress testing ground.

Mark’s Blog / Cloud Bite (Trotter) – pre 2010

The Mark’s Blog / Cloud Bite version 1 – 1.3 aka Trotter (Del Boy) was based on a theme called Royal Theme. It was a great starter theme for anyone wishing to start WordPress Development and was part of Cloud Bite up until 2011.

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