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Published on: 23rd October, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

It’s been a busy day for Apple! First off we have updates to the Mac Lineup. With a new iMac, Mac Mini and a 13″ Retina Macbook Apple have gone to town in time for the Christmas Shopping season.

New 2012 iMaciMac

First off lets look at the new iMac. The update refreshes not only it’s internals but also it’s external design. The shell of the the iMac has a 5mm edge which smoothly tapers into a thicker style. From certain angles, which Apple was more than happy to show the iMac looked barely there while a full side on profile shows the larger width. Apple have also added the option of a Fusion Drive. It has 128GB/768GB Flash Drive space (for the OS and most used apps) and 1TB of storage.

The iMac will come in 2 main varities, a 21″ version and a 27″ version.

21″ iMac (starts at £1,099)

  • 21″ IPS 1920×1080 resolution.
  • 2.7GHz or 2.9Hz quad-core i5 CPU (config to 3.1ghz i7)
  • 8GB Ram (configurable up to 16GB)
  • 1TB HDD (configurable  1TB Fusion Drive)
  • NVIDIA GT G640M or GT 650M

27″ iMac (starts at £1,499)

  • 27″ IPS 2560×1440 resolution
  • 2.9GHz or 3.2GHz quad-core i5 CPU (config to 3.4ghz i7)
  • 8GB Ram + User upgradeable (config to 16GB or 32GB)
  • 1TB HDD (config to 3TB or 1TB/3TB Fusion Drive or 768 flash storage)
  • NVIDIA GTX 660M or NVIDIA GTX 675MX (config to GTX 680MX)

All iMacs will come with a Facetime HD Camera, Dual microphones and stereo speakers. Along with 4 USB 3 ports, 2 Thunderbolt ports and SDXC card Slot. Wifi 802.11n build in along with Bluetooth 4.0.

Overall this is a great update to the iMac.

Macbook Pro 13"13 ” Macbook Pro

Just like the previous Mac update in July the 13″ Macbook Pro has a retina display, great spec and starts at £1,449. Whether users of such a small device need this sort of power remains to be seen but lets take a look at the specs.

13″ Macbook Pro (starts at £1,499)

  • 13″ LED IPS 2560×1600 resolution
  • 2.5GHz dual-core i5 CPU (configurable to 2.9GHz i7)
  • 8GB Ram
  • 128GB or 256GB flash storage (config too 512GB or 768GB)
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000

Along with this the 13″ Macbook Pro comes with a Facetime HD camera, 802.11n Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0. Audio is provided by stereo speakers, dual microphones and a headphone jack. Battery life is up to 7hours.

Another great update for those wanting power in a small device.

Mac MiniMac Mini

The Mac mini is Apple’s cheapest Mac. It’s great for those who wan’t to try out a Mac without breaking the bank but the prices have always been much higher in the UK than the US. This time the Mac Mini starts at £499 and even though it is tiny, it sure packs a punch.

Mac Mini (starts at £499)

  • 2.5Ghz dual-core i5 CPU or 2.3GHz Quad-core i7 (config to 2.6GHz i7)
  • 500GB HDD or 1TB HDD
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000
  • 4GB Ram (config to 8GB or 16GB)

Mac Minis all have Thunderbolt digital video output along with DVI and VGA (using adapters) and HDMI. 4 USB 3 ports and Gigabit Ethernet along with an SDXC card slot make the Mac Mini a fantastically powerfully mini machine. Wifi 802.11n and bluetooth are housed inside along with the lowest power usage of just 11watts idle.

Overall the Mac Mini is great for those who aren’t sure if Mac is for them. At £499 or £679 it’s not cheap but you are getting alot of power in a small system. Also the low power usage makes these great for Media servers.

Source: Apple

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