Apple Announces iPad 4, already!

Published on: 23rd October, 2012 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Rumours indicated the iPad 3 would be refreshed but very few, if any, were expecting iPad 4 to be, well iPad 4! With an upgraded Facetime Camera, a twice as fast CPU and GPU and 4G that now works around the globe it’s odd this iPad didn’t become iPad 3s. This is what we have seen in the past with iPhone updates that use the same style and mainly feature just hardware upgrades. Maybe it’s due to the Lightning connector addition the generation has jumped or Apple may just want to move from the “S”, as iPad 3 was never officially called iPad 3 but “New (now old) iPad”.


  • 9.7″ IPS Retina Display
  • Apple A6X CPU
  • 720p Facetime Camera
  • 5MP iSight Camera
  • 10 hour battery


The design other than the new Lightning Connector, is the same as iPad 3 with it’s Black and White variations and smooth aluminium body.

iPad 4 Image

What We Think

Well it was rather a shock. The 4th Generation iPad adds nothing new other than the lighting connector. It does feature up to 2x the performance of iPad 3 which was no slug. If you are an iPad 3 owner you probably thought “but mine only came out 7 months ago!”, we thought the same! Don’t worry though your iPad is still great and is the iPad 4 worth upgrading to? Probably not! Unless you really want the latest and greatest the iPad 4 is one of those updates much like iPad 2 was with little new additions (if any) and worth skipping. My advice? Save your cash for iPad 5! If your after buying your first iPad or your an iPad 1/2 owner now is a great time to upgrade. The jump from iPad 1/2 to 3 was huge so to go to 4 you will be more than happy!

If your thinking will there be another update in March like normal, I’m guessing no. It’s likely Apple wanted to move the release date of the iPad from March to October for several reasons and that is why we have seen a new update. Firstly October release is just in time for Christmas. Secondly, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Amazon have all released their new tablets now which means had there been no iPad update in October iPad would be considered “out dated” and miss Christmas Sales. Finally Apple can now keep all iOS Devices, iPhones, iPods and iPads close together meaning the iPad will run a rather new OS version rather than using an OS version released 6 months ago with minor updates. Previous iPads have always played catch up to iPhones meaning once July/October came around with new iPhones iPad was using the older technology.

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