Apple Announces 200 New Features in iOS 5 (Dev Beta out NOW)

Published on: 6th June, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Apple Announces iOS 5What an exciting WWDC (World Wide Developers conference) today! Apple has announced a lot this time around and we have all the 2 hour event condensed down for you so lets kick off with iOS 5. Apple calls this it’s biggest overhaul of iOS and we have to agree!

At the conference Apple mentioned 10 of the 200 new “User” features for iOS so here are all 10:

Notification System

Finally (and to be honest about time) Apple has introduced a new Notification system. No more annoying little blue pop ups interrupting workflow or gaming with little information and possibly the ugliest thing on the iOS. Now notifications are right at the top of the device and pop up but do not interrupt what your doing at all. You can swipe down all notifications from the top of the OS very simply, Android users will know all about this feature. Also Notifications are listed shown on the lock screen (YAY, Sorry been wanting this for years). So Apple finally make use of that wasted space on the iOS.

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Simple app to house Magazines and newspaper subscriptions. I would of thought this would come under iBooks but who knows its Apple.

Twitter Built Right in!

Yes Twitter fans now Twitter will be built right into the iOS with a single sign-in. It can freely use location, camera, photos and let you tweet from anywhere in iOS and even photos out of the photos app! Nice!

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Safari Reader

Already available on Safari for desktops and now Safari Mobile. This basically strips all the markup (Styling) from a webpage showing you just the content. Also added is a read later type feature allowing you to make a list of what you want to read.

iOS 5 coming Autumn 2011

iOS 5 coming Autumn 2011


Ever used Things or another to-do app? This is Apples version for reminding you of things you have to do or places to go, simple and neat, nothing more to say!

Camera Updates

This got big cheers in the presentation. The camera can now be used without unlocking the device right from the lockscreen. For the security consence it wont let you see other photos taken only the ones you just took. Also the Camera now allows you to zoom in click a particular area for better exposure control! Also Grid lines help you level those shots too! Finally you can now use after years of wanting this so simple feature, the Volume up button to take photos with (got a huge cheer). Saves you hitting that screen knocking the device off when you just aligned it perfectly!

Photo Editor

You can now edit photos on the fly. Want to remove things like Red-eye? Well you can!

Split Keyboard for iPad

iPad users will know its hard to use the keyboard in portrait because well the iPad is just too wide. Now it will split in 2 allowing you to easily type, yay 🙂

PC Free

Thats right! You finally don’t need to sync with your PC! The device can do this wireless. Also no more connect to iTunes to activate after you brought the iPhone just setup on the go!  Also over the air updates will be available so no more plugging in to update just hit the update button! Also only features changed in the update download so no more huge 500mb downloads to update a bug!

iMessage (not kidding)

Feel free to lol at the name, we did. But iMessage is a feature just for iOS users thats allows them to message each other from ANY iOS device and allows the sharing of pictures and video. Looking at the demo it seems this is rather like an iOS exclusive iM


This is a rather large feature so we will be making an exclusive post for it so check that out!


Now for Devs and Autumn (Fall) for Users. Free update for iPhone 3GS and 4 and iPad 1 and 2

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