App Review: Nightstand Central

Published on: 18th February, 2012 by Vicky

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

nightstand central app reviewFancy getting rid of that annoying alarm clock sound and choosing what you wake up to? Well, there’s an App for that!

Nightstand is an innovative sleep to wake technique you will struggle to live without after the first use. Not only does this resourceful App sing you to sleep but it also allows you to personalise how you wake up.  Using a few simple changes in settings after reading extremely informative instructions, Nightstand is a simple way of seeing the time and weather, being lullabied to sleep and being woken up to the sound of your choice. There is even a cool flashlight element and all you have to do is shake your device.

When you first begin using the App, choose the time and location. The App allows you to input this manually or you can allow it to do it automatically. You can then change the wallpaper, choosing from a selection provided or use any from your own photo library. Also you can set the wallpaper to change automatically at regular intervals. Then it’s time to set up what sound you will be sleeping and waking to. The alarm section includes twenty sounds and you can even choose your own music or podcast. There are those annoying ”I don’t want to get up” alarms or there are those that gently ease you into waking up. Choose whatever works for you. The lullaby section works the same as the alarm and you can even give it a cut off point time so that it isn’t running throughout the night.

When using the App, you have to make sure that it stays on all night. Therefore, it’s best to turn this App on when you are completely finished with the device ensuring you plug it in to not discharge your battery. I really recommend you practice using this App as an alarm before relying on it, just in case you forget to leave it on all night or the alarm might even not wake you up if you haven’t selected the best sound for you. There is only one downside to this App. If used on an iPad or a bigger device than a phone, unless you have a bed side table and of course you don’t want to trust having the Pad under your pillow or even on the bed with you, leaving it the other side of the room may not be effective for you as an alarm in the morning.

This app gets 4 out of 5 cloudsHowever, the lullaby can still be heard and it does definitely work as a gentle companion to drift you to sleep. If you have somewhere to put your iPad near to you then this App will definitely work. A big plus side has to be the price! At the moment, it’s £1.99 and there is a free ad supported version available.  It’s an extremely clever and fun design making you actually excited about waking up!

That’s why it deserves 4/5 and it’s worthy of App of the week.

Nightstand Central is available for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch from the App Store fo £1.99. There is also a free less featured ad supported version available.

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