App Review: Temple Run

Published on: 4th February, 2012 by Vicky

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Temple RunFancy running around a temple ruin getting chased by strange squawking chimpanzees? Well, there’s an App for that!

Temple Run is a highly addictive endless-running game that will have you oohing and awing as you run, jump and slide a character around a temple ruin in a desperate attempt to escape from evil chimpanzees! Using a swipe sideways to change direction, a swipe upwards to jump and swipe downwards to slide, you navigate a character around the temple ruin collecting coins as you go. As always, coins make points and points make prizes.

At the end of each turn regardless of falling or not, the coins you gather are collected into one big pot and you can spend them at the store. You may be interested in the wallpapers or additional characters you can buy (may I add that one character is a definite look-a-like for the exceedingly courageous Lara Croft) but if you want to get anywhere with this game, then the power-ups are a definite must buy. You can even up-grade these power-ups so they last longer and increase your score.

Of course as you continue around the temple, your speed gets quicker, more trees, fires and spiky bridges appear in your path and soon the floor even starts to disappear so you have to tilt your device left and right to make sure your Lara Croft doesn’t fall in! The temple isn’t that mean to you though and it is certainly possible to get that whopper of 1,000,000 points AND achieve all of the objectives. There are sometimes opportunities where you get a second chance. If the small tree branch is on the ground or you jump slightly too early, rather than the game being over the evil and the (for the most part) useless chimps catch-up with you and you are given another chance to run away from them and get those all important coins and continue the game until you run into another tree or simply just fall off.

Temple Run gets 4 Clouds out of 5. So for the verdict. This game is extremely addictive and it is definitely enjoyable watching all of those points and prizes adding up. The objectives are also another great way to make the game exciting. Plus, at the moment it’s also free so you can’t go wrong when giving this try! There are some down sides though. If you are using an iPad, for best control it is better to use your thumbs but unless you have the slightly lighter iPad 2 then it can get very heavy when you get to that significant 5000m mark but you cannot put this game down!

That’s why it deserves 4/5 and it’s worthy of App of the week.

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