Amazon Launches Android Appstore – Exclusive Angry Birds

Published on: 22nd March, 2011 by Mark Haynes

Last updated on: 16th March, 2014

Amazon has launched its Appstore today for Android. They have also managed to secure Angry Birds Rio, which is exclusive to the Amazon appstore. However it hasn’t been an easy launch as Apple have slapped a law suit on Amazon as they are using the “App Store” name which infringes Apples Trademark. Amazon have clearly tried to separate the name by removing the space used in the name “AppStore” but that isn’t enough for Apple.


Amazon Appstore

We will keep you informed of any news! Also to note sadly at the moment this is US only, hopefully Amazon will bring it to the UK soon!

Update: Angry Birds Rio is exclusive on the Amazon Store only for Android it is also available on the App Store for iOS Devices.

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