About Cloud Bite

Last updated on: 2nd April, 2014 by Mark Haynes

cloudbitelogoCloud Bite has been running now since 2009. Originally the blog of myself Mark Haynes, Cloud Bite has developed into a much bigger entity than I could of ever imagined. I have worked with many great companies over the years, Logitech, Razer, Plantronics, Mobile Fun, Gear Zap, Love Cases, Case Fun, Tabi and many more. I have had the opportunity to work not only with great companies but great people, people who have designed some great products from scratch, people who have a passion for technology like I do.

The Core of Cloud Bite

Cloud Bite is different from many websites that review products for a core reason. I feel it is my and Cloud Bite’s duty to inform our readers and YouTube Viewers. I won’t make a video to promote a product I wouldn’t buy and I won’t hide or skip over details of a product that aren’t great. Sure my reviews may be a little long in the eyes of some, sure I may go into lots of detail but, I’m happy to do that. That is what Cloud Bite is about. My goal in creating this blog, this YouTube Channel was to inform viewers and readers and that for me, it the number 1 priority above all else.

Cloud Bite Stats

  • Over 200 articles
  • Over 70 videos
  • 750,000+ Views & 1000+ subscribers on YouTube
  • 1000+ Monthly Blog Views